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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

About the Remedial Measures Program

For offences that take place on or after September 30, 1998, the Highway Traffic Act requires convicted impaired drivers or roadside suspension warn range drivers with more than one suspension to successfully complete Back on Track, Ontario's Remedial Measures Program, before their licences can be reinstated. Participants must pay a fee of $578 for convicted impaired drivers or $178 for warn range drivers to cover the costs of the program.

If you are convicted of a drinking and driving offence, you will receive a suspension notice from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). The notice includes your remedial requirement and the length of your licence suspension.

You should register for Back on Track as soon as possible after you receive your suspension notice. It can take 11 months to complete the program.

Please note: If you do not complete all components of the Back on Track program within your suspension period, your license will be further suspended.

Back on Track: Program Requirements

To pass the program, you must meet the following requirements:

If you fail the course or any component, you will have to register and pay the program fee again. This could result in a delay of eight months or more in reinstating your driver's licence.

Program Components

Please Note: Warn Range Roadside Suspension Drivers only need to complete Education or Treatment.


The assessment takes about one hour. Based on the results, participants will be referred to either the education or the treatment program.

Education Program

The education program helps participants learn about:

The program is eight hours in length. It includes presentations, exercises, discussions and group work.

Treatment Program

The treatment program helps participants to:

The program is 16 hours in length. It includes discussions, exercises, group work and personal planning.

Follow-up Interview

If you have received an assessment you must complete a follow-up interview six months after finishing your education or treatment program. The follow-up interview takes about 30 minutes. It is your responsibility to arrange for your follow-up interview, which can be done in person or by telephone. The follow-up interview:

      *Drivers convicted of an impaired driving offence committed on or after December 23, 2001 are subject to ignition interlock requirements. For more information about ignition interlock, please contact the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario at 1-800-387-3445 or 416-235-2999. For installation, please call Guardian Interlock Systems at 1-866-OK-TO-DRIVE or 1-866-658-6374.